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of the St. Stephen's Community Church Sewing Guild offers unique, handmade items in four major product lines:

  • Wedding Cake Aprons(TM) -- the ultimate symbol of a couple's  commitment to building a new life and new home together
  • Theme Collections -- unique prints, mostly cotton, single-sided or reversible and cut as hip- huggers fitting both men and women in prints  that fall in different themes (See About Us)
  • Lap Scarves -- for fashionable women who value modesty, available with select Bible verses in clear-lid gift boxes (See Theme Gallery page 3)
  • Lap Robes -- Chill-chasers with soft, warm faux fur or fleece backing with comforting, encouraging messages for adults and as "blankies" for children
*Grooms' aprons, trimmed to match the brides' aprons, are made in the style of builders' aprons, with a pen pocket on the chest and three pockets along the bottom.  For both bride and groom, neck straps attach with velcro on one side. Complementing their gowns, brides' aprons are tastefully embellished (e.g., sequins, beads, pearls, Swarovski crystals, lace, rhinestones, or feathers).

  Matched pair of
  Wedding Cake 
  Aprons.    Bridal 
  apron has sequins 
  on lace/tulle with 
  satin trim. Groom's 
  apron with white       satin piping and         black satin trim.                                

​Bridal lace apron, trimmed with pearls and lace shown over wedding gown.
The Serengeti from the African, Asian... Collection, reversible, one pocket on each side

Bridal satin apron, trimmed with ostritch feathers, and rhinestone (2) hearts at the top of the bibb.Apron is shown over wedding gown.
Bridal apron trimmed with
satin rosettes.  
Groom's apron trimmed with zebra print fabric and black satin.
Matched pair of Wedding cake Aprons. Bridal apron piped with black mask fabric from South Africa. Groom's apron trimmed with same fabric.
Bride's apron satin & beaded top, zebra print center box pleat.
Theme Collections

All aprons in the Theme Collections are cut wide (hip-huggers), have ties 2 1/2 to 3 feet long to allow tying in the front, and have invisible or featured pockets. Pockets are self-lined and double stitched.  

Please click About Us above for names of the fourteen Themes Collections and the pages inf the Gallery above for more about Wedding Cake Aprons. 
Grandmother - From the Family... Collections,  single-sided, two invisible pockets
Please note:  Because of the One-of-a-Kind or Limited Edition nature of our aprons, individual ones shown on these pages may no longer be available.  For information, please email us about these or other options available from the same Collection.  Further, manufacturers traditionally produce limited bolts of many patterns for all of their distributors/outlets nation-wide.  Therefore, some patterns may no longer be available. However, we make every effort to find the most unique and exciting fabric patterns to meet your interests.  Pictures of current options, including available fabric for custom orders, can be emailed for your consideration.    

Wedding Cake Aprons
For the Cake Cutting Ceremony
Sold only in coordinated pairs
To emphasize the meaning of this memorable moment, just before the cake is cut attendants assist the bride and groom put on their Wedding Cake Aprons, symbols of their commitment to always serve and "be there" for each other.

Subsequently, by serving cake to their new in-laws, the couple in their aprons demonstrate  their commitment to serve and, as best they   
can, to "be there" for their new extended family as well. 

If desired, incorporated may be trim from the wedding 
garments of the mothers-in-law as a symbol, in turn, of the families' support and blessing of the union (See Wedding GALLERY). The aprons are then removed as anniversary keepsakes never outgrown.