AllOccasionAprons of St. Stephen's Community Church, UCC           

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Wind Beneath My Wings - From Animal, Birds... Collection, single-sided, one pocket, heavy fabric
Wind Beneath My Wings -- Detail
Two Horses - From Animals, Birds... Collection, single-sided, one patch pocket
Two Hourses - Detail
US Navy's Blue Angels - From Travel, Maps and Military, single-sided, one invisible pocket              
An Evening at the Opera - From The Arts... Collection, single-sided, one featured pocket
An Evening at the Opera - Bibb Detail
US Navy's Blue Angels - Detail.
An Asian Community - From African, Asian... Collection, single-sided, one patch pocket
An Asian Community - Bibb Detail.
AllOccasionAprons go well beyond protection of clothing.  Like the aprons of the past, they are a symbol of who we are as a people -- builders, homemakers, repairers and driers of tears.  

Indeed, the apron is a statement of personal identity which, when worn, helps make a house feel like a " home."  Through the art of the apron, family members and friends appreciate the beautiful and unique prints that carry messages of cultural values and love--with a nod to the past.

The wearer, freshened up at a moment's notice, is brought to smile in gratitude for the known and unknown ancestors who, in their aprons, worked, played, and prayed for those who would follow.
 Love my apron(s).  Bought my first one last fall.   Gave it away as a gift and bought another.          Using it makes me smile (and saves my clothes) when I roll and kneed dough.

 A couple of weeks ago, the now grown neighborhood kids were home and wanted to come over    and make pies. They 'fought' over who would use your apron. So yesterday,  I bought another.        So many choices!!!  Hard to choose only one.    Thank you for your lovely work!  JW,  Pinkney, MI

 Thank you so much for the fabric samples.  The Downton Abby print is beautiful and the faux fur is  so soft and most snuggly.  My mom (who is a big fan too) would love that beautiful, handmade  carriage robe and I would like to get it for her for Mothers' Day.  She has exclaimed over your  beautiful workmanship on my Downton Abby apron.  It has a  place of pride in my kitchen. :)  
  SS, Texas