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Pair of Wedding Cake Aprons (both cotton and off-white) trimmed with silver studs on black and off-white satin bands.
Pair of Wedding Cake Aprons trimmed in gold satin ribon. Bride's has rosettes at the bottom and row of amber and crystal beading at the bibb.
Bibb with beads - Detail
Pair of Wedding Cake Aprons, both trimmed with lavender satin.  Bride's apron is nylon with lavender circles over white satin under layer.  Groom's apron is black cotton with pen pocket and the pockets across the bottom trimmed in the same lavender satin.
The members of the St. Stephen's Sewing Guild offer congratulations to the couples at whose weddings and anniversary celebrations these Wedding Cake Aprons will be worn.  Our prayer is that in some small way, our efforts help build strong and lasting relationships that exceed the couples' wildest dreams.  May these aprons always serve as a reminder, in good times and difficult ones, of the commitment they have made to each other and of God's love that envelops their union. 

THE SECRET OF THE APRON     -----                       Service, no one ever put on an apron unless they intended to DO something
THE SECRET OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE     -----         Sustained service over time to each other, their respective new families and their mutual goals
THE SECRET OF WEDDING CAKE APRONS    -----   Symbols of a couple's commitment to this mutual service and to working together 
                                                                                                   to build their new home and new life

 PLEASE NOTE:  The Sanctuary of St. Stephen's Community Church, United Church of Christ, 1007 Kimberly Dr.,            in Lansing, MI is available for weddings by calling the church at 517-484-2180